Gift Ideas for Thanksgiving Hostess Holiday Table Setting

Great Thanksgiving Hostess Gifts to Bring to Dinner

Do you know what I’m thankful for this year? That I’m not hosting Thanksgiving Dinner.

I’m just kidding! To be honest, I do enjoy hosting holidays and get-togethers for our families. But now that we live a few hours away, that’s not a convenient option.

So while in many ways, I miss hosting Thanksgiving, it … Read more

Parenting Struggles - White Chuck Taylors

Parenting Struggles: Raising a Nonconformist

Inside: Five tips to deal with parenting struggles when you’re raising a nonconformist.

I’m a firm believer in letting kids express themselves. For the most part, I let my daughter dress how she wants. She is encouraged to make decisions for herself. We give her a lot of space and have worked hard to allow … Read more

Midlife Transition - Woman's tattoo wrist, cup of tea, pink and blue flowers

The Struggle with Midlife Transition and How to Empower Yourself

Inside: Overcome the struggles of your “midlife transition.”

I sat on a chair at Ulta and looked in the mirror while a beautiful, dewy-skinned diva applied make-up to my jawline. Once again, I was searching for something better. 

Something to just give me a bit more coverage. To reduce the appearance of fine lines. And … Read more

Cut Down on the Crazy – Create a Schedule That Rocks

Inside: How to create a schedule that works for you so you can get more done without losing your mind.

I’m a lot of things. I’m creative. I’m kind. I’m fun. I’m also the kind of person that can Get. Things. Done.

And even though I’m good at accomplishing tasks and making things happen around … Read more

Tall sizes women on Amazon

My Favorite Frugal Solution for Finding Tall Clothes

When my sister exclaimed “What? You found those jeans on Amazon?!” I knew I had to write a post about my recent fashion finds and shopping for clothes on Amazon when you’re tall. (Yes, I said Amazon.) Because my sister is picky. So when she compliments something, I know it’s legit.

I told … Read more

How to Get Over Your Grievances and Practice Gratitude

Inside: How to turn your grievances into gratitude and develop a better gratitude practice.

While mowing last week, I was grumbling and grousing to myself about the fact that I have to mow. I do this every time I mow; gripe and complain to myself. 

It’s my airing of grievances, if you will. I air … Read more