Monthly Archive: February 2019

simple ways to practice self-care

Overwhelmed? Try These Simple Ways to Practice Self-Care in Midlife

Inside: The importance of practicing midlife self-care to combat feelings of stress and overwhelm.

Do you practice self-care? I mean really and truly, are you taking the time to take good care of yourself? Even if life is super hectic, there are some simple ways to practice midlife self-care, starting now!

Since turning 40, I’ve … Read more

feeling happier after 40

Feeling Happier After 40 – How to Embrace Midlife

So far, my 40s has been a roller coaster of emotions. You know what else? The roller coaster keeps speeding up. More and more lately I find myself asking, “Where has the time gone?” If you want some tips on how to start feeling happier after 40 and embrace midlife, read on!

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Simple Ways to Declutter When You Don’t Know Where to Start

When the doorbell rings unexpectedly, do you panic? Not because you’re scared of who is on the other side. But because you have piles of crap and disorganized mess in plain sight, and you’re downright mortified for anyone to see it? Do you need some simple ways to declutter when you don’t know where to … Read more

setting goals with your partner

Setting Goals with Your Partner + Planner Workbook

Are you a goal setter? Do you believe in setting goals with your partner with a unified focus?

Over the past few years, we’ve made great strides together in setting goals, intentions and adopting a growth mindset. In fourteen years of marriage, my goals and expectations of marriage have certainly evolved – in a good … Read more