Monthly Archive: July 2019

Simple Things That Inspire Me in Midlife

Recently, someone asked me a question that stumped me for a minute.

“What inspires you?”

My mind actually went blank and I didn’t have a quick answer. Because honestly, lately, I haven’t been giving a lot of thought to being inspired.

Most of the time, I’m so busy crossing things off my to-do list and … Read more

How to Raise a Strong Daughter

How to Raise a Strong Daughter

Inside: How to raise a strong daughter and help her develop strong self-esteem.

Growing up, I was your classic, painfully awkward, self-conscious, and insecure teenage girl. It didn’t help that by seventh grade, I measured six-feet, hated my body, and battled acne.

Sure, some of that was just part of growing up. But part of … Read more