Monthly Archive: August 2019

Gifts for Him. Christmas package in front of tree

20 Useful Gift Ideas for the Man in Your Life

Christmas and birthdays make me panic.

It’s not because of the hustle and bustle. Nor is it because of the commitments, the overwhelm, or the money we spend. (Although, those do cause some angst, if I’m honest.)

What really makes me stress during the holidays and on birthdays is trying to find cool and useful … Read more

how to start a journal

How to Start a Journal and Improve Your Life

Do you ever feel like you need a quiet space in this incredibly noisy world? With all the chatter and chaos coming at us, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, anxious, and even lost.

Since turning 40, I’ve discovered a great way to deal with some of the midlife changes: keeping a journal.

Journaling has become … Read more

awesome and affordable gifts for wine lovers

17 of the Most Awesome and Affordable Gifts for Wine Lovers

Searching for a fun gift for one of your wine loving friends? Finding the right gifts for wine lovers can be daunting, even when you’re a wine lover, too.

I’m no wine expert. But I do love wine, as do many of my friends. So one of my superpowers is finding gifts for people who … Read more