Monthly Archive: January 2020

Fed Up With People-Pleasing? 5 Things You Can Do Differently

It’s funny how life serves up lessons in such a timely manner. Do you know what I mean? Take today, for example. I woke up early with my day planned out: 

Drop the daughter off at school. Hit the gym. Write. Therapy appointment for my ankle. Write some more. 

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My Advice? Just Be Who You Are

Who are you? Do you have a good idea? Who is the real you, your authentic self, and do you show up as that person each day? Are you ready to just be who you are?

During a journaling exercise last week, I came across this quote in my workbook:

“In trying to speak and

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Vision Board Ideas

How to Get Inspiring Ideas for an Effective Vision Board

Scrolling through Facebook recently, I read a friend’s joke about self-improvement and personal growth. One of his friends commented in response, “Let me tell you about my vision board.”

Admittedly, I laughed, because it was funny. But also, admittedly, I nerd out when it comes to goals, personal growth, and taking action in my life. … Read more

How to Help Others in a Big Way: Simple Acts of Kindness

Earlier this week, I spent the two-hour drive back home from Norman to Tulsa thinking about the upcoming year and how I could do more. Particularly, with simple acts of kindness and helping others.

You see, this past Christmas, I felt particularly grateful.

Grateful for my family. For our health. For all of the good … Read more