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Stories and perspective on managing midlife. If you are overwhelmed and over 40, this is for you.

me time for mothers day

‘Me Time’ for Mother’s Day Isn’t Selfish

Mother’s Day is nearly here. I know the question is coming: “What do you want for Mother’s Day?” Honestly, I don’t want much. I know I want some special time with my people. Maybe go out to brunch or do a little shopping. I also plan to ask for a little ‘Me Time’ for Mother’s … Read more

Surprising Things I Miss About Work

Call Me Crazy, But Sometimes I Miss Work

Today in the school drop-off line, I noticed the dressed-up-for-work moms. It took me back to my rushed mornings and my days of the Starbucks drive-thru with my boss. And I realized something. Sometimes, I miss work.

It’s been almost one year since I resigned from corporate life. I do miss some things about work. … Read more

What Does Breathe and Reboot Mean

Breathe and Reboot – What Does It Mean?

Breathe and Reboot defines my life; it’s my process; my mantra.

You see, for years, I struggled. I struggled with balance. Struggled with weight. And with work. Also, parenting. I struggled to keep my house clean, with my child’s homework, with staying on top of the laundry, remembering to pay the bills and what to … Read more

I Expected Yoga to Be Boring

I Expected Yoga to Be Boring – I Was Wrong

When it comes to fitness and exercise, I’ve always been more of a fast-paced, intensity-driven kind of gal. Whether it’s boot camp, HIIT, kickboxing, jogging, even Zumba, I like to move a lot and push hard. So naturally, I expected yoga to be boring. But I’m finding it to be awesome.

A fast pace has … Read more

3 Ways I'm Overcoming Body Image Issues

3 Ways I’m Overcoming Body Image Issues

I have never really had a positive body image. Based on the posts I see on social media and conversations I have with friends about the lack of body confidence, I know I’m not alone. So I want to share three ways I’m overcoming my body image issues.

Over the past 30 years, I … Read more