money-saving spring break activities in tulsa

5 Money-Saving Spring Break Activities in Tulsa

I’ll admit, I’m bad when it comes to thinking of fun activities. I’m usually overwhelmed with a lot on my mind. So coming up with fun Spring Break Activities isn’t my best strength. Plus, we’re tightening up spending this month in light of our upcoming family vacation in May.

Therefore, I turned to Groupon for … Read more

kids and accountability lessons in owning it

Kids and Accountability – Lessons in Owning It

Girl drama. I hoped we could avoid it. We actually made it a little more than halfway through fourth grade before it slapped us right in the face. And let me tell you: it stung. But, it also taught me about kids and accountability, and teaching my child to own it.

From an early age, … Read more

empower my daughter by letting her dress herself

Why I Empower My Daughter by Letting Her Dress Herself

When it comes to fashion, our daughter loves making her own choices. I learned quickly to empower my daughter by letting her dress herself. In fact, I stopped picking out her outfits soon after she could toddle into her closet and pull clothes off the hangers.

I didn’t make this decision intentionally, but by default, … Read more

The Lessons We Can Learn From Youth Sports

I will never forget my daughter’s first t-ball game.

I would watch her hanging out in right field, twirling in lazy circles. Every inning, she would meticulously pull up the grass. She also played rock paper scissors with her teammate while the opposing team was at bat. At one point, she wore her mitt on … Read more

The North Pole Experience

Today was supposed to be kind of a big day. Today was the day we had tickets to the North Pole Experience. Based on everyone’s Facebook check-ins and statuses, the event is spectacular and all the kids had a blast. I had my doubts, but I thought I would give it a shot. I should … Read more

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