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3 Benefits of Journaling

3 Awesome Benefits of Journaling and How to Start

Inside: The benefits of journaling can be life-changing. Here are just three reasons to embrace a journaling practice.

Managing midlife can be messy, but a journaling practice can help you manage some of that mess. In fact, research shows journaling is a great strategy for dealing with challenges. Here are three awesome benefits of journaling … Read more

simple ways to practice self-care

Overwhelmed? Try These Simple Ways to Practice Self-Care in Midlife

Inside: The importance of practicing midlife self-care to combat feelings of stress and overwhelm.

Do you practice self-care? I mean really and truly, are you taking the time to take good care of yourself? Even if life is super hectic, there are some simple ways to practice midlife self-care, starting now!

Since turning 40, I’ve … Read more

3 Ways I'm Overcoming Body Image Issues

3 Ways I’m Overcoming Body Image Issues

I have never really had a positive body image. Based on the posts I see on social media and conversations I have with friends about the lack of body confidence, I know I’m not alone. So I want to share three ways I’m overcoming my body image issues.

Over the past 30 years, I … Read more