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I’m So Sick of Elf on the Shelf. But I Keep Playing.

“Get an elf!” They said. “It will be fun!” They said.

I’ll be honest. By now, I thought we would be rid of the Elf on the Shelf tradition in our home. It’s been six long years. I didn’t expect our relationship to last this long. Yes, we started off strong. At first, it was … Read more

Lessons In Being a Better Sports Parent

How T-ball Taught Me to Be a Better Sports Parent

I will never forget my daughter’s first t-ball game. I was so excited for her to learn a new sport. Turns out, t-ball wasn’t her jam. But I’m glad we tried it, because t-ball taught me how to be a better sports parent.

I would watch her hanging out in right field, twirling in lazy … Read more

Back to School This Year - Survive and Thrive

Back to School Time! How to Survive and Triumph This Year

It’s “Back to School” time. Are you ready?

Last Friday night we attended the Back-to-School meeting to learn about what to expect for the upcoming year. While I love our school and I am very happy with the teachers, I still don’t have my head around the fact that school starts on Tuesday.

Based on … Read more

Live Big

My Best Advice to My Daughter: Live Happy, Big and Bold

There is a life lesson I want you to learn, sooner rather than later. Live big. Don’t lose your sparkle. Live life to the fullest.

I mean really live it.

You have a Sparkly side. Don’t lose it.

I Lost My Sparkle

A while back, I misplaced my sparkly-fun side. I lost a part of … Read more

Family Day Experience

Stop Over-Complicating Your Family Experiences

Inside: Your family experience isn’t going as planned. Now what?

Have you ever planned a family experience or outing with great excitement, only to have it fall flat?

What do you do when your family experience doesn’t stand up to your “perfect” expectations? How do you deal with frustration when your child isn’t interested in … Read more