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How to Raise a Strong Daughter

How to Raise a Strong Daughter

Inside: How to raise a strong daughter and help her develop strong self-esteem.

Growing up, I was your classic, painfully awkward, self-conscious, and insecure teenage girl. It didn’t help that by seventh grade, I measured six-feet, hated my body, and battled acne.

Sure, some of that was just part of growing up. But part of … Read more

managing expectations on family vacation

The Truth About Managing Your Expectations: 4 Things You Need to Know

Inside: Managing your expectations and giving yourself grace when you mess up.

Irritated, I reached for my daughter’s arm to hurry her along. The huge resort iguana captured her attention while I was rushing to get us to the pool.

I felt my arm brush the coke bottle in her hand and heard the loud … Read more

How to Savor Summer Break With Your Kids

How to Slow Down and Savor Summer Break with Your Kids

Inside: Summer Break with your kids goes too fast. Here’s how to make the most of it.

Eighteen special summers. That’s approximately what we get before our kids venture out on their own into internships, college courses, and careers. I had this thought a few years ago and it stopped me in my tracks.

When … Read more

The World Needs More Mom Friendly Jobs

To the Working Moms Who Struggle: I Feel You

Inside: A mom’s thoughts about work-life balance for moms.

Hey there, working moms. I’m thinking about you.

Why? Because I’ve been thinking about problems moms face with work-life balance. The struggles. The frustrations. The guilt.

Simply put, we need more mom-friendly jobs.

My daughter is ten and I still haven’t “cracked the code” of balance … Read more

Family Day Experience

How to Make the Most of Your Foiled Family Day Experience

Inside: Your family day experience isn’t going as planned. Now what?

What do you do when your family day experience falls flat and doesn’t stand up to your “perfect” expectations? How do you deal with frustration when your child isn’t interested in the plans?”

It was supposed to be a big day. It was the … Read more