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Simple Daily Practices for Powerful Results

5 Simple Daily Practices that Get Powerful Results

Inside: These simple daily practices will help you manage stress during those overwhelming seasons of life.

Five years ago, I sat fidgeting in the doctor’s office, waiting for biopsy results. I already knew before I heard the words.

“It’s breast cancer.”

Feeling numb, I looked back and forth from the doctor to the nurse while … Read more

manage your stress with five simple self-care tips

Help Manage Your Stress with 5 Simple Self-Care Tips

How do you manage stress? Are you taking enough time for self-care? Self-care doesn’t always come easy for us because of so many commitments and obligations. If you struggle with working self-care into a busy schedule, here’s a quick reboot to get you started and manage your stress with five simple self-care tips.

Why Self-Care?

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3 Benefits of Journaling

3 Awesome Benefits of Journaling and How to Start

Inside: The benefits of journaling can be life-changing. Here are just three reasons to embrace a journaling practice.

Managing midlife can be messy, but a journaling practice can help you manage some of that mess. In fact, research shows journaling is a great strategy for dealing with challenges. Here are three awesome benefits of journaling … Read more

negative body image

How a Melt-Down Can Help Your Perspective for the Better

Inside: If you’re tired of your negative body image, you need to change your thoughts.

Let me tell you what happened yesterday. I had a “crisis.”

It stemmed from my negative body image.

My clothes weren’t fitting like I wanted them to. My workouts weren’t melting the pounds away. And I was sick of logging … Read more