Let’s Talk About Fitness at 45

But this year I have noticed changes. In 2017 year my weight crept back up and I slacked on my exercise. In 2018 I got back into the gym but did not have a consistent diet so my weight yo-yo’d. Weight loss in my 40’s has been harder.

The past year is when I started noticing bigger changes in my mobility. I am not able to move as fast. My stability and balance are off some. I am more prone to injury. (Hello, posterior tibia tendinitis and tennis elbow.) I pulled a hamstring (pretty badly) a few years ago and it’s still not right. My body feels less flexible and I feel clumsier.

Is this age? Is it the extra weight? Is it both?

All I know is that when I take a fitness class, I’m no longer feeling good about my abilities…not like I used to. I’m the lady my 30-something-self used to notice as she struggled a bit. I have become the middle-aged lady. Okay, I’ve become the middle-aged lady who has let herself go.

Today I took a Body Combat class. I couldn’t help but think back to when I took kickboxing in my late 20’s and compare how I moved then to how I move now. I get it. It’s been almost 20 years. But I feel like I should still be able to move like I used to.

So rather than setting weight loss goals for 2019, I’m setting fitness goals. To move better, improve flexibility, stability and agility. I want to see how I can improve my physical fitness. Of course that means eating healthy and fueling my body accordingly. But my intention is see what positive changes I can make from a physical fitness standpoint, first and foremost.

In the meantime, look at my wild pants and digital camo combo. If I can’t kick ass in class yet, I can kick ass with fancy pants. Plus, they come in talls from Old Navy online. So tall girls, get you some!

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