The Year in Review and the Plan for 2019

I’m a big fan of reflecting on the previous year and setting goals and intentions for the new one. I believe in goal setting, but I’ve never been great about writing and tracking them. I’ve personally found more success with setting intentions, writing down my desires and focusing on a word for the year.

Initially, … Read more

Why I Post My Photos

Why I post my photos

I feel the need to make a disclaimer.

I am not a photographer. Not in the sense that I take photos for money.

No. I just take photos because I like, no, love to take photos.

So I guess that actually does make me a photographer, now doesn’t it?

Just … Read more

What T-Ball Taught Me About Being a Better Parent

I will never forget my daughter’s first t-ball game.

I would watch her hanging out in right field, twirling in lazy circles. Every inning, she would meticulously pull up the grass. She also played rock paper scissors with her teammate while the opposing team was at bat. At one point, she wore her mitt on … Read more

Some Thoughts on Self-Love

Some Thoughts on Self Love

Let me tell you what happened yesterday. I had a “crisis.”

That’s what my husband called it during one of my little meltdowns when he was trying to talk me off the ledge. And he was right. I had a body image crisis. I felt desperate. I felt stuck and … Read more

The North Pole Experience

Today was supposed to be kind of a big day. Today was the day we had tickets to the North Pole Experience. Based on everyone’s Facebook check-ins and statuses, the event is spectacular and all the kids had a blast. I had my doubts, but I thought I would give it a shot. I should … Read more

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