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My Favorite Frugal Solution for Finding Tall Clothes

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When my sister exclaimed “What? You found those jeans on Amazon?!” I knew I had to write a post about my recent fashion finds and shopping for clothes on Amazon when you’re tall. (Yes, I said Amazon.) Because my sister is picky. So when she compliments something, I know it’s legit.

I told her how I’ve been shopping for clothes on Amazon a lot recently. And I have to say I’ve been pretty pleased.

I’m no fashion blogger. Obvs. But if I can help just one other tall girl in the never-ending quest to find for clothes that fit by sharing my Amazon finds, then I’m happy.

When it comes to style, I’m not what I would call a fashionista at all. I do okay. But I get so frustrated when shopping for clothes.

Because as a six-foot-tall woman trying to follow some of the fun fashion trends, the struggle is real.

So from a fashion standpoint, I tend to play it pretty safe. I don’t spend a lot of money on clothes and I stay pretty mainstream.

The thing that has always held me back is the fact that it’s really hard to find tall clothes that are cute and trendy, especially if you’re plus-sized, too. Especially if you’re frugal when it comes to fashion.

And since I’m pressed for time and I hate going from store to store when the average piece just won’t be long enough, I’ve been turning to online shopping for several years.

Surprisingly, I’ve been finding some pieces on Amazon that work for my tall frame, are affordable, and really cute!

Plus I love that as an Amazon Prime member, I can get them delivered to my door in two days. And if they don’t work for me, in most cases, I can send them right back for free – no shipping charges.

So here you go, my most recent Amazon finds that work for tall and plus-sized women!

For the record, I feel really uncomfortable sharing my own photos. Clearly I’m way outside of my comfort zone. And yes, I’m well aware, my photos are lacking. Also, posing feels weird.

BUT – I am six feet tall, so I feel like this gives a much more accurate picture for other tall women versus what you see on the models on the site. So I’m posting these scared. :)

“This post contains affiliate links, which means we may receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase using this link. Full disclosure here.”

Pull-on Skinny Jeans by Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label +

Yellow Floral Kimono Casual Cardigan

Yellow floral kimono, skinny jeans in long length, and cheetah boots.

Finding jeans that are long enough is the worst. And even when I find jeans that are long enough at six feet, then the challenge becomes finding a pair that has a high enough waist to slim the mid-section sufficiently.

These pull-on jeans by Levi’s do that. They are high enough in the waist (hello mom jeans) and are super comfy.

They actually have a Long Length option and that’s what I’m wearing here.

True, they do come slightly above my ankle and I wish they were a bit longer. But still, I can wear them with ankle boots, flats, wedges, or whatever and they work just fine.

I got two colors; Harmony, which is what you see here, and Immaculate, which is a darker wash.

And as for the kimono, it’s actually a piece that makes me feel good when I wear it. Maybe it’s the bright yellow. Maybe it’s the flattering cut. But I could wear this every day and not get tired of it.

These boots are everything. They are Daveigh Cheetah Print Suede Studded Western Block Heel Booties by Gianni Bini and I highly recommend them. They do have a bit of a heel, so if you are still skeered of heels as a tall girl, you’ll have to get over it if you want these bad boys.

Floral Print Fringed Kimono

Red floral kimono and skinny jeans in long length from Amazon Prime.

Another kimono that I really love. Kimonos can be hard because like I said, on the online models, they look like they come down to your knees.

Lies. As tall girls, we know better. So here’s a look at how this kimono looks on a six-foot frame. It’s still pretty long. It looks cute paired with jeans or even knee-length shift dresses.

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Palazzo Lounge Pants

Denim jacket, striped blouse and black palazzo pants long length.

Palazzo pants are really hard to find in the right length. But these do the trick! Look at how long they are!

I got these in a size Large and I’m about a 14. The length listed on their description is accurate.

And they are actually sitting on my waist as they should. They aren’t pulled way down on my hips like so many other pants I’ve had to wear over the years. If you’re a tall girl, you’ll understand what I’m sayin’ here.

What I love about these is how I can dress them up with the right shoes and accessories, or I can wear them to the grocery store with a casual tee.

They feel like pajamas. So basically when I wear them it’s like I’m living my best life.

Casual Striped Loose Plain Long Maxi Dress

Long black and white striped maxi dress for tall women.
Denim jacket and long black and white striped maxi dress for tall women.

This dress, though. Another huge score in the fact that it hits my ankles. Finding a long, plus-size maxi dress is a huge challenge. So this is a big win. What’s pictures is a size Large.

It actually comes in several colors so I’m planning to order more. And the fact that I can wear it most of the year makes me love it more. It’s awesome for hot summer days because of the short sleeves and loose fit.

And in cooler temps, I can pair with a denim jacket, cardigan or booties.

Long Sleeve A-line Lace Stitching Trim Casual Tunic

Green lace trimmed tunic and skinny jeans in long length from Amazon Prime.

The lace tunic. While this isn’t a great photo, I included it because I feel like the length is pretty good. It’s not a tall size, but it’s long enough to work. I get lots of compliments and it’s also comfortable.

I love these pieces because they’re easy, fun, and all under $30. Because these have worked well, I’ll be checking out new fall pieces soon.


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  1. Thank you thank you thank you! Shopping as a tall girl can be a nightmare! These amazon finds are so great!

    1. I’m so glad you liked these finds! I’ll be doing a new post with spring pieces soon!

  2. Thank you so much!!!! Please give us more tips. I hate trying to find clothes. I’m also 6 ft.

    1. You’re welcome! I’ll look at some more items here in the next few weeks for Fall!

  3. Thank you for posting this article. Finding tall cute clothes at a reasonable price is a struggle. I am 6′ and my daughter is 6’2″. I also appreciate the photos. You did good and look great! I am heading to amazon now to check out some tall clothing.

    1. I’m glad to hear you liked the suggestions. Thank you! I hope you find some good pieces!

  4. Your pictures are not lacking, they are great! I’m so glad you shared! I’m 5’10″…so as soon as I put shoes on I’m basically 6’0″ too. I appreciated that you kept a low price in mind that’s a priority as well as finding tall stuff & no one else seems to have both in mind on other sites/articles. Thanks again!

    1. I’m so glad you found this helpful!

  5. I’m looking for long sleeve shirts…for tall women..most are too short in the arms

  6. Thank you so much for stepping out of your comfort zone. Like you, finding clothing when you are tall is frustrating, even online. Please continue to share your finds! Now I feel like shopping won’t be so hard! Would you mind sharing the information about the tee you are wearing and the cute striped layered top you have on with the palazzo pants?

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