Why I Post My Photos

Why I post my photos

I feel the need to make a disclaimer.

I am not a photographer. Not in the sense that I take photos for money.

No. I just take photos because I like, no, love to take photos.

So I guess that actually does make me a photographer, now doesn’t it?

Just like writing makes me a writer.

I know a few creatives, many of whom I’m quite fond….and I follow them online. I am in awe of talented creatives. Seeing their work online over the past several years has inspired me to follow my creative interest in photography.

One day, I read some social media conversations, and it quickly became clear to me that some of my creative friends seemed irritable and disdainful about the amount of “amateur photographers” flooding the market. They made disparaging comments about all of the new people picking up cameras these days.

Reading through the snarky comments made me feel small and silly, since I was just beginning to take my hobby a bit more seriously, with a new entry level DLSR and classes with a local pro.

I know it shouldn’t have…but it did.

Then it made me angry. Is there not room for everyone to pursue their creative interests?

I’ve been timid with my approach to photography. As with most things, I am hesitant to just do the things I like to do, despite what people think or say.

So, disclaimer….part of my blog is dedicated to photography. My photography.

I don’t take photos for money. I’m not a professional. Not even an aspiring professional. I know hardly anything technical.

But, I love taking photos. I post them here. I am a photographer.


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