6 Ways To Show Your High Schooler You Care

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Parenting high schoolers can be incredibly difficult, and raising teenagers is no easy task. When it comes to your high schooler, you want them to know you’re fully invested in their success. Here are six ways to show your high schooler you care.

Keep Time To Talk

Sometimes it can be difficult to get your teen to talk to you. Therefore, keep your regular schedule with consistent times for conversations. One great time you can talk to your teenager is at family dinner. Schedule moments when your family is together to speak with your teen.

Check In About School

Show your teenager you care about their education by regularly checking in about school. Ask about assignments, late work, and how classes are going. Showing your teenager you care about their learning progress is crucial in what can be a tumultuous time. Invest time into learning how their education is going.

Know Their Friends

Knowing your teenager’s friends is a great way to show that you care about them. Know who they are spending time with and regularly ask them how their friends are doing. If they go through a time where one of their friendships is on the rocks, you’ll know about it if you check in. Asking about their friends is one of the best ways to show your high schooler you care.

Celebrate Success

When your teen has a win on one of their tests or in their extracurriculars, take time to celebrate their success. Celebrate with a family outing, a special dinner, or a trip to the mall, and they’ll see that you care about their success. Celebrating your teenager’s wins is crucial to help them see how invested you are in how they’re doing.

Learn To Listen

Sometimes teenagers have a hard time feeling like they’re heard by their families. Listen to your teen’s problems and, rather than immediately giving advice, try to empathize with and recognize their feelings about the situation. Listening is one of the most important ways to show your teen you care deeply about them.

Plan a Graduation Party

High school is an intense time for any teen, but it’s crucial to celebrate what has been a huge chapter of their lives. Plan a graduation party to show your emerging adult just how much you appreciate watching them learn and grow. Throwing a graduation party lets you celebrate the new chapter in your young adult’s life.

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