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Vision Board Ideas

How to Get Inspiring Ideas for an Effective Vision Board

Scrolling through Facebook recently, I read a friend’s joke about self-improvement and personal growth. One of his friends commented in response, “Let me tell you about my vision board.”

Admittedly, I laughed, because it was funny. But also, admittedly, I nerd out when it comes to goals, personal growth, and taking action in my life. … Read more

How to Help Others in a Big Way: Simple Acts of Kindness

Earlier this week, I spent the two-hour drive back home from Norman to Tulsa thinking about the upcoming year and how I could do more. Particularly, with simple acts of kindness and helping others.

You see, this past Christmas, I felt particularly grateful.

Grateful for my family. For our health. For all of the good … Read more

How to Have Fun

Have You Forgotten How to Have Fun?

Inside: Tips on how to have fun again. In case you’ve forgotten.

Fun. Do You Have It?

I recently started meditating again. (Because that’s what the therapist said to do.)

No rushing to my computer first thing in the morning. No checking emails. Or scrolling through my phone. Instead, the first thing I do is … Read more

Don’t Let These Things Steal Your Joy

Joy. Do you have it? I think it’s hard sometimes, to feel joy on a regular basis. We’re distracted, rushed and overwhelmed. Running around, crossing things off our lists. Adding more things to the list. Trying to get by, keep up, stay afloat, manage the mess. Sometimes I think we’re trying so damn hard to … Read more