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Some Quick Tips for Managing Your Mindset When You’re in Self-Isolation

Day 5 of Social Distancing

This is my 5th day of being mostly isolated. I say mostly because, since Friday, I’ve run a few necessary-ish errands and also went to work out once.

It took a minute to get my head around this idea of social distancing.

But now I’m a believer. I’m in.

I’m … Read more

stay at home mom guilt vs. working mom guilt

When Mom Guilt Gets the Best of Us

Working mom guilt. Stay-at-home mom guilt. Are we screwed either way we choose?

For nearly nine years, working-mom guilt consumed me.

“If I could just quit my job. It would solve everything.”

That thought ran through my mind morning, noon and night. Finally, after years of obsessing, it happened. I became a stay-at-home mom. These Read more

Exercising But Not Losing Weight

Forget About the Scale and Focus on Your Wins

We’re counting calories. We’re exercising. And we’re not losing weight. That’s how it seems, anyway. How to step away from the scale and focus on your wins instead of your weight.

“I weigh three pounds more than I did yesterday!”

I recognized the frustration in the woman’s voice as she stepped off the scale in … Read more

Simplify Your Life with These 5 Strategies

Inside: 5 tips you can implement immediately to simplify your life + a free checklist template and worksheet to get you started.

Quick wins you can tackle now to simplify your life

I felt frazzled as I frantically dug through my closet, looking for my cute black heels.

Where were they? Had I tossed them? … Read more

Fed Up With People-Pleasing? 5 Things You Can Do Differently

It’s funny how life serves up lessons in such a timely manner. Do you know what I mean? Take today, for example. I woke up early with my day planned out: 

Drop the daughter off at school. Hit the gym. Write. Therapy appointment for my ankle. Write some more. 

My writing topic for the day? … Read more

How to Have Fun

Have You Forgotten How to Have Fun?

Inside: Tips on how to have fun again. In case you’ve forgotten.

Fun. Do You Have It?

I recently started meditating again. (Because that’s what the therapist said to do.)

No rushing to my computer first thing in the morning. No checking emails. Or scrolling through my phone. Instead, the first thing I do is … Read more