awesome and affordable gifts for wine lovers

17 of the Most Awesome and Affordable Gifts for Wine Lovers

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Searching for a fun gift for one of your wine loving friends? Finding the right gifts for wine lovers can be daunting, even when you’re a wine lover, too.

I’m no wine expert. But I do love wine, as do many of my friends. So one of my superpowers is finding gifts for people who love wine. #lifegoals

So whether you’re buying for the casual wine drinker to the fancy pants wine drinker, from functional to fun, I’ve got you covered.

What Do You Get Someone Who Likes Wine?

Sure, wine is always a great gift for a wine lover. But that can be stressful if you don’t know what they typically like. White, red or rose? Dry or sweet? Are they particular about varietals? Are they $20 wine people or $80 wine people?

I’m a people-pleaser by nature so the thought of getting someone a wine they don’t love literally gives me anxiety. That’s why I like to stick to wine-related gifts. This way, I don’t have to worry about their wine preferences but can still hit a home-run with a wine-themed gift!

Wine Accessories for Every Budget

I just think you can’t go wrong with wine accessories. There are so many fun wine gadgets out there to choose from. Here are some of my favorite wine gift picks ranging from under $20 to under $100. Something for everyone!

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Gifts for Wine Lovers Under $20

I bought this exact Insulated Wine Tote Carrier for one of my besties. Every time she visits friends she shows up with wine, so this was perfect for her and she loved it. And now she can stop toting wines in recyclable grocery bags. (When I told her so, we laughed and laughed and laughed. Because it’s true.)

gifts for wine lovers insulated wine tote carrier

These fun Sunbright wine stoppers are also a great idea. It’s not often a bottle goes unfinished in one sitting around here. But when it does, these are great to have on hand to pop in the bottle.

gifts for wine lovers colorful sunbright wine stoppers

Admittedly, I was a little late to the Rosé game. It’s taken me a while to embrace it and I don’t know why. But now that I have, I’m obsessed with this book: Rosé Cocktails: 40 deliciously different pink-wine based drinks.

gifts for wine lovers - Rose Cocktails Book

Wine is helpful to de-stress. So is coloring. So why not a coloring book for wine lovers? When Life Gets Complicated, I Wine – Funny Adult Coloring Book . Bonus – it includes 12 Colored Pencils, too!

gifts for wine lovers - When Life Gets Complicated, I Drink Wine Coloring Book

If you’re wine lover also loves entertaining, here’s a great gift option: Platters and Boards: Beautiful, Casual Spreads for Every Occasion.

gifts for wine lovers - Platters and Boards book

This Wine Aerator Pourer Diffuser Decanter Spout is something we received from a friend several years ago. We had never used an aerator before and quite honestly we were very surprised at the difference it made. Just pour the wine through the device to speed up the breathing process. It works like a charm. #themoreyouknow

Gifts for Wine Lovers Under $30

Every wine lover should have one of these, in my opinion. I say that because I’ve never been able to correctly use an a basic cork screw. Take the easy path, that’s my motto. This Electric Wine Opener with Charger – is great for the lazy wine lover in your life.

gifts for wine lovers - electric wine opener with charger

My mother-in-law is an awesome gift giver. And last Christmas was no exception when she gifted me an adorable Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler, double-insulated with a lid for the win! Because nothing says sadness like a fly in your Cab.

gifts for wine lovers - stainless steel wine tumblers

I have a version of this Shadowbox Wine Cork Holder that my friend got me as a housewarming gift. It sits proudly on my kitchen counter boasting various corks and I love it. And it’s true. Every cork tells a story. (Although some stories are better left untold.)

Shadowbox Wine Cork Holder

This. Not only is a Wine Decanter necessary for letting wine breathe, it’s pretty. Swirling a gorgeous red in this beauty is mesmerizing. Also, it looks fancy. And that also makes it a great gift.

gifts for wine lovers - wine decanter

While I’m sure your wine loving friends don’t need another reason to drink wine, this is still a great one: Vino Cards. It’s a wine tasting game that can be played at a wine tasting party. It’s a great way to learn more about wines and wine pairings. Or just another great way to drink a lot of wine. Whatever you tell yourself.

gifts for wine lovers - Vino Cards Wine Tasting Game

Gifts for Wine Lovers Under $50

Another great one that I have received as a gift. (Does it seem like I’ve been receiving more than I’ve been giving? ) We got this tNatural Bamboo Cheese Board and Cutlery Set with Slide-out Drawer. for Christmas and it rocks. We literally drove to the store immediately for all the charcuterie meats and cheeses we could handle. Highly recommend.

gifts for wine lovers - bamboo cheese board and cutlery set

Gifts for Wine Lovers Under $100

So this bad boy discreetly holds two bottles of wine from a removable pouch. The Portovino City Wine Tote has a zippered, insulated pocket that can keep your wine chilled for hours if you’re smuggling, carrying a white. It’s perfect for picnics, events, even play dates if that’s your thing. No judgement.

gifts for wine lovers -wine tote

More tumblers – but this gift set also comes with an insulated wine bottle. It even has a dual so you can add ice, fruit or whatever. Handy.

gifts for wine lovers - insulated wine bottle

I love this for entertaining.If your person likes to throw soirees then they will love this, too. Just ice down all the beverages in this Hammered Stainless Steel Beverage Tub and let the people help themselves.

gifts for wine lovers - hammered stainless steel beverage tub

If they don’t have room for a regular wine fridge, this is convenient. This 6 Bottle Wine Cellar is small enough to sit on the countertop and has an adjustable interior temperature.

gifts for wine lovers - 6 bottle wine cellar

Finally, the Wine Check Luggage. It’s perfect for the wine lover who likes to bring back wine from wine tastings. Whether it’s wine country or someplace local. This is super handy. It can be checked at the airport to transport the wines safely home.

gifts for wine lovers - wine check luggage

Great Gifts Your Wine Lovers Will Actually Use

So there you have it. Some great gifts for your wine-loving friends and family that they will actually use. Cheers and Happy Shopping!

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White wine being poured into glass.

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