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setting goals with your partner

Setting Goals as a Couple + Planner Workbook

Are you a goal setter? Do you believe in setting goals with your spouse with a unified focus?

Over the past few years, my husband and I have made great strides together in setting goals, intentions and adopting a growth mindset. In fourteen years of marriage, my goals and expectations of marriage have certainly evolved … Read more

Some Quick Tips for Managing Your Mindset When You’re in Self-Isolation

Day 5 of Social Distancing

This is my 5th day of being mostly isolated. I say mostly because, since Friday, I’ve run a few necessary-ish errands and also went to work out once.

It took a minute to get my head around this idea of social distancing.

But now I’m a believer. I’m in.

I’m … Read more

How to Care Less After 40

Why I Care Less Since Turning 40

Want to feel better about turning 40? Learn to care less.

Do you know what is awesome about hitting your 40s?

Caring less.

Seriously. The older I get, the less I care about the things that don’t really matter.

And friends, it feels fabulous.

I’ve always given waaaaayyyyy too many cares.

Cares about what people … Read more

The Breathe and Reboot “Reboot.” When It’s Time to Pivot.

If you ever played basketball, then you know that to pivot is to change direction when necessary.

But if that example doesn’t resonate, then you may recall Ross Geller yelling “PIVOT!” as he, Chandler and Rachel manipulate a bulky sofa up a tight and twisty stairway.

Either way, to pivot is to move and adjust … Read more