How to Make the Most of Your Foiled Family Day Experience

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Inside: Your family day experience isn’t going as planned. Now what?

What do you do when your family day experience falls flat and doesn’t stand up to your “perfect” expectations? How do you deal with frustration when your child isn’t interested in the plans?”

It was supposed to be a big day. It was the day we visited “The North Pole Experience.” Based on everyone’s Facebook check-ins and statuses, the event was supposed to be spectacular,with all the kids having a blast.

I had my doubts, but I thought I would give it a shot. I should have known. Because I really, really, do know my child.

I won’t say it was a bust.

But 35 minutes start to finish is probably a new record for shortest amount of time a six-year-old has spent at the North Pole.

Family Day Expectations vs. Family Day Experiences

Here’s the thing. My child marches to the beat of a different drummer. Always has. I can’t really explain why, but a lot of the things that other kids love….she just doesn’t.

The things that I think will be a big sparkly surprise end up falling flat:

The Aquatic Center, her first few movies, the State Fair, Andy Alligators, Orr Family Farm, just to name a few. You know those really fun family things that you start looking forward to when they are babies? These are the things that she loses interest in quickly.

Take today, for example. As other kids ran from station to station, excitedly talking to the elves, Little B was disinterested.

She had a pretty good conversation with Mrs. Clause about her reindeer Gretel, and she shared several stories about Ice Cube the Elf and his antics. She saw two reindeer and she made a yo-yo in the toy-making station. She colored a picture of a reindeer in the Elf University Classroom, and then she was done.

And when she’s done, she’s done.

“Don’t you want some of Mrs. Clause’s chocolate chip cookies?” I asked.

“No. Let’s go.”

“But look. There’s Santa! Let’s go see him.”

“No. I wrote him a letter.”

“But now you can see him! Come on,” I pleaded, “let’s get in line.”

“No. I wrote him a letter.”

“But you can actually talk to him today.”

“No. I wrote him a letter!”

See what I mean?

Trying to Control the Experience

Over the years I have learned to accept it. It hasn’t been easy. When I set my mind on something and have big expectations, it’s hard to hide my disappointment when it doesn’t go as I expected or wanted.

Over time, I’ve learned that it’s about her, not me. So while this not be my idea of how the “memory-making” should go….the fact is that she is making memories, and how I react and respond will be a part of that.

So today, I made it about just being there with her. I had to remind myself it wasn’t about getting the pics or having the perfect family day experience or “the best day ever.”

It’s about sitting by her side as she colors her picture. It’s about the real experience. Her true experience. It’s about being there, in the moment, with her.

Which is always the very best place to be.

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