Fun Crafts To Do That Also Improve Your Mental Health

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Whether you want a fun activity to engage your daughter or a solo hobby in your quiet time, here are fun crafts to do that also improve your mental health.

If you or someone you love needs a mental break from school, work, or extracurriculars, consider picking up a crafting hobby with them. Crafts are a great way to improve and maintain your mental well-being. All the crafts on this list are activities you can enjoy with a family member or when you need some alone time. No matter what craft you choose or who you do it with, here are some fun crafts to do that also improve your mental health.


It is essential to teach daughters confidence and healthy coping mechanisms. Fortunately, crafting can reduce stress and increase happiness and self-confidence. Needlepoint is a form of artwork using canvas and yarn to stitch beautiful designs of your choosing. Consider taking a needlepoint class with your daughter; this will allow you both time to learn the needlepoint basics while bonding in a creative setting. 


Macrame is one of the most fun crafts to do that also improves your mental health; this leisurely activity can help reduce blood pressure, enhance depth perception, and lower stress levels. If your daughter loves making friendship bracelets and lanyards, consider introducing her to macrame. You can create plant hangers, bracelets, and woven mirrors with macrame techniques. Once you or your daughter has finished a macrame piece, you can hang it up to be stunning wall décor! 

Hand Lettering

Hand lettering is an excellent form of personal expression, and a cathartic way to work with your hands. The art of hand lettering requires repetitive motions, which help redirect the mind and body away from anxiety-provoking stimuli. If you think you or your daughter might not enjoy activities lacking structure, hand lettering provides freedom within the form. Hand lettering, often confused for calligraphy, is the art of drawing individual letters by hand. The best part about hand lettering is that it’s a great starting point for calligraphy, hand-written letters, and other similar art forms. 

It’s common for many to ignore dips in their mental health. We never want our daughters to ignore troubling feelings. Whenever she feels sad or anxious, she can turn to a craft that allows her to express her emotions, rather than bottling them up.

Through crafting, your daughter will find unique and healthy ways to regulate her behavior with creative forms of expression. 

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