How Parent Can Help Their Children Deal with Acne

How Parents Can Help Their Children Deal With Acne

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For many children, acne can be a source of insecurity and can impact self-esteem. Learn how to help your child deal with acne and build their self-confidence.

While many adults are aware that acne isn’t a bad thing, for children, it can feel like the end of the world. This is especially so for little girls, as there is so much pressure for them to look a certain way, even at a young age. If your little one is struggling with blemishes, here’s how parents can help their children deal with acne.

Help Build Their Self-Esteem

Building a child’s self-esteem is no easy task, but teaching them to be able to look inwards and see their own self-worth is critical, especially for pre-teens and teenagers. Teaching your child how to do things on their own, letting them make mistakes, and praising them for their efforts is a great way to start. It may not seem like much, but building their sense of self and autonomy will make it much harder for others to knock them down, especially about things like outward appearances. 

Keep Them Informed About Their Body

Informing your child as to why their acne is forming can help them understand that it’s not their fault and it’s not because they’re dirty. Children need to understand that the changes in their bodies are going to affect them mentally and physically, and it can be comforting to know that everyone goes through that at some point—and that they’re not alone. However, if you notice your child’s acne is painful and difficult to control, it’s also important to know when to step back as a parent and let a medical professional step in and help. 

Introduce Them to Skin Care

While your child may not be interested in skincare at first, there are plenty of ways to make skincare fun for children and help them build the habit. Before your child starts to develop acne, you can introduce a skincare routine with just three simple products: a cleanser, moisturizer, and SPF protection. After they start to develop acne, you can start helping them add toners, exfoliants, and spot treatments. Just be sure to keep their skin type in mind to avoid drying out or damaging their skin. 

Model the Right Behavior

The best way parents can help their children deal with acne is to model the right behavior. If your child sees you putting yourself down or putting down others, this can affect their views of the world and their views about themselves. It doesn’t have to be about acne specifically; any rude comments about other people’s body’s on television, in real life, or about your own body can bog down your child’s self-esteem.

It’s also wise to practice the healthy habits you want them to absorb. In this case, engaging in a skincare routine with them and practicing different forms of self-care and self-love together will help children better understand how to love themselves and how to deal with acne.

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