Tips for Reconnecting With Your College-Age Daughter

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Sometimes, parent-child relationships deteriorate as your kids go off to school. Here are some tips for reconnecting with your college-age daughter.

Every mother knows the anxious feelings surrounding sending her children off to college. It’s easy to allow your relationship with your kids to crumble as they explore their newfound independence. However, staying in touch shouldn’t be a drag, and there are ways to navigate this transition without hurting your bond. Here are some tips for reconnecting with your college-age daughter. 

Respect Her Busy Schedule

Higher education demands a lot of time and attention from students. Don’t be surprised if your daughter can’t make planned calls or respond to your messages right away. Respecting her busy schedule will keep you and your child from building resentment. These harmful feelings will only fester if you can’t learn to let go, so try not to take their absence so personally. 

Use Her Preferred Communication Method

Staying in touch with your college-age kids requires communication from both parties. In a society that relies heavily on technology, your daughter will likely want to stay connected through text messages and social media. Your student will already have enough stress as they take on heavy workloads and look for part-time employment; make communication easier on her by learning their preferred method. 

Attend Family Functions

Most colleges host family functions to encourage a mature parent-child relationship. Attend these events so you can become familiar with the campus that is educating your kid. Example: Colleges and Universities of all sizes host family weekends for students and families. This is an excellent way to engage with her new home for the next four years and make precious memories that she won’t soon forget. 

Plan a Mother-Daughter Vacation

Planning a mother-daughter trip can be a fantastic way to reconnect with your college-age daughter. Consider organizing a special getaway, perhaps a weekend escape to a beautiful glamping destination. This offers a unique opportunity to create cherished memories while enjoying the great outdoors and a touch of luxury. Or hit the road and take a trek across the US for a long weekend.

Let Her Know You’re Thinking About Her

We all know the saying, “It’s the thought that counts.” No matter how much or little communication you have, your child needs to know that you’re thinking about them. This is perhaps the most important tip for reconnecting with your college-age daughter. Showing her that she’s in your thoughts can be as simple as sending a quick “I love you” text message or as elaborate as mailing your daughter a care package full of her favorite things from home.

Becoming an adult is hard enough; don’t make it more difficult by sacrificing the relationship with your child. There’s nothing quite like the bond between a mother and daughter, so use these tips to rebuild your connection during this challenging stage of life. 

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