Tips for Throwing a Child's Summer Birthday Party

Tips for Throwing a Child’s Summer
Birthday Party

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Summertime is ideal for throwing a truly incredible birthday party for your child. Use
this guide to make sure it’s one that they’ll remember for a long time.

While having your child’s birthday in the summer creates lots of opportunities for fun,
there are also expectations you might feel like you have to live up to. Outdoor parties
are almost always the go-to, and they can be a lot of work to set up. To make your
summer child’s next birthday a smash hit, here are a few tips for throwing a kid’s
summer birthday party that should give you and them some fantastic memories.

Go With Their Favorite Theme

It’s all about the theme party when it comes to a summer bash. You have a ton of
options when it comes to the theme, and you can have a lot of fun with your child
trying to decide on their favorite. Pool parties are always on a kid’s mind, and even a
public pool party can be one to remember. For something closer to home, consider a
luau-themed party or sports theme if you have a little athlete on your hands.
Deciding on a theme makes finding or making party décor and food so much easier
on you.

Keep the Food Simple

A useful tip for planning a child’s summer birthday party is to not stress out about the
menu of the party. Children might be harsh critics when it comes to certain foods, but
summer staples rarely ever disappoint. Ice cream, popsicles, cold juice
drinks—these are likely already on your child’s list of favorite foods, so let them
indulge on their birthday! Focus your energy on other areas and trust that the food
won’t be an issue.

Plan To Beat the Heat

There’s no getting away from the heat if you have an outdoor summer party.
However, you have many options when it comes to fighting back against it. It’s a
good idea to have a station set up close by with everything that you or the children
might need to stay cool. Make sure there’s plenty of sunscreen and bottles of water
to go around. Nothing will ruin a party like a bunch of hot, exhausted, and sunburnt
children, so make sure you plan ahead.

Don’t Forget the Party Favors

A child’s birthday party usually doesn’t end until everyone receives a goody bag. You
can fill them with whatever you want, but you can’t go wrong with the classics. Candy
and small toys make goody bags full, but you can also add in some extras unique to
your summer party. Sunglasses for the kids, water-based tattoos, and other fun
additions can please a crowd, whether they’re arriving or leaving.

However you want to plan your child’s summer birthday, remember that they should
get a say too! Listen to their suggestions carefully, even if they aren’t completely
possible, since you can likely change them a bit so that they get what they want for
their birthday.

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