3 Ways to Get the Kids Excited About Hiking

3 Ways To Get the Kids Excited About Hiking

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Are you trying to get your children to go on a hiking trip with you? Here are three creative and effective ways to get the kids excited about hiking.

Hiking is a great outdoor activity to do with your children. You can enjoy the great outdoors and get some exercise while bonding with your little ones. Here are three ways to get the kids excited about hiking.

3 Ways to Get the Kids Excited About Hiking

Let Them Help Plan

The first way to get your kids excited about hiking is to let them help plan the trip. Kids love to feel like they’re involved in the process because it makes it more enjoyable for them. You can let your kids pick the hiking trail and where they want to go, which will get them excited about going hiking. You can also let your kids decide what gear they want to bring along. For example, if you’re going backpacking, let your children pick out their backpacks and all the items they want to pack for the trip.

Pack Fun Snacks

Packing fun snacks is the second way to get your children excited about hiking. It’s likely that your kids will get tired at some point during the hike, so having snacks ready will ensure that they can stop for a break to refuel their energy. As you let your children help plan the hike, you should let them pick out a few snacks they’d like to bring along with them. Things like granola bars, trail mix, and fruit snacks are all great examples of kid-friendly snacks that will be fun for the kids to have on the hike. Also, make sure to bring water bottles to keep everyone hydrated. 

Make Up a Game

The third way to get your kids interested in hiking trips is to make up a game. Utilizing your children’s imaginations is a fantastic and effective way to get them excited about almost anything. Therefore, making up an imaginary game for your hike is the perfect strategy to get your kids excited about hiking. For example, you and the kids can pretend you’re on a hunt for dinosaurs, and you have to look for clues along the way. Again, get creative, and let your children choose the direction of the story or game and follow their lead.

Now that you have three ways to excite the kids about hiking trips, you can start planning your next hike with them today. Make sure to follow proper precautions to stay safe while hiking in the mountains, and get out there and have some fun.

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