Mother-Daughter Bonding Activities

Mother-Daughter Bonding Activities To Do With Your Teenager

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Strengthen the relationship you have with your teenage daughter and do activities together that you can bond over. These memories will last a lifetime.

Mother-daughter bonding is vital for strengthening your relationship and creating a welcoming space where you can openly communicate. The following activities are great to do with your teenager who might think mom isn’t as cool as she once was. Don’t worry; as they get older, they’ll grow out of that phase, but for now, try to set aside some time to spend together and build a healthy relationship that flourishes.

Exercise Together

You don’t have to get too fancy to get a little physical activity in, especially as a bonding opportunity. Exercising together can help create a healthy body image for your daughter; while doing this activity, speak only positive thoughts about your own body to showcase how to be kind and love yourself. You don’t have to hit the gym either; you can go bike riding, hiking, to a yoga class, etc. 

Mother-Daughter Bonding Activities

Get Crafty

Get expressive and do something crafty together. If you want to spend a little money, there are classes you can take together that walk you through different techniques for painting, pottery, sculpting, jewelry, and more. Otherwise, heading to the store and picking up your own supplies is also a great option. You could make an unforgettable scrapbook or paint canvases while following a Bob Ross YouTube video. 

Cook an Extravagant Meal

This mother-daughter bonding activity is both delicious and fun. Put on some music you both enjoy and get to cooking or baking! Make this time to learn more about each other, talk about life goals, and anything else that will help you strengthen your bond with your daughter.

Find Events To Attend

You might not share all the same interests, but there are a few things you probably have in common. Maybe you both like to go thrifting, so make a day out of it, or if you like the same band, go see them in concert. Bonding in an environment like this puts less pressure on her to open up to you. Instead, you can both focus on the event itself, then reminisce about it afterward.

It does not matter what you do, as long as you spend some quality mother-daughter time together. To set your teenager up for success, find ways to connect with them on their terms and allow them to feel comfortable coming to you when they feel the time is right. Always keep your door open and continue to make time for each other so you can have a healthy, loving relationship.

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