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Exercising But Not Losing Weight

Forget About the Scale and Focus on Your Wins

We’re counting calories. We’re exercising. And we’re not losing weight. That’s how it seems, anyway. How to step away from the scale and focus on your wins instead of your weight.

“I weigh three pounds more than I did yesterday!”

I recognized the frustration in the woman’s voice as she stepped off the scale in … Read more

You Should Always Be Yourself

When was the last time a quote jumped out at you from the page? The last time you read a sentence or two that shut down all the chatter in your mind and made you take a hard look at your approach in life?

For me, it was just yesterday. And these were the words … Read more

My Advice? Just Be Who You Are

Do you know who you are deep down? Do you have a good idea? Who is the real you, your authentic self, and do you show up as that person each day? Are you ready to just be who you are?

During a journaling exercise last week, I came across this quote in my workbook:… Read more

Things to Know About Yourself

Things You Need to Know about Yourself for Better Awareness

Have you ever wondered how well you know yourself? Are there things you don’t know about yourself that you probably should?

Those might seem like weird questions. But self-awareness is an essential part of a fulfilling life. Because the better you know yourself, the easier it is to create the life you want.

It took … Read more

Midlife Transition - Woman's tattoo wrist, cup of tea, pink and blue flowers

The Struggle with Midlife Transition and How to Empower Yourself

Inside: Overcome the struggles of your “midlife transition.”

I sat on a chair at Ulta and looked in the mirror while a beautiful, dewy-skinned diva applied make-up to my jawline. Once again, I was searching for something better. 

Something to just give me a bit more coverage. To reduce the appearance of fine lines. And … Read more