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How to Care Less After 40

Why I Care Less Since Turning 40

Want to feel better about turning 40? Learn to care less.

Do you know what is awesome about hitting your 40s?

Caring less.

Seriously. The older I get, the less I care about the things that don’t really matter.

And friends, it feels fabulous.

I’ve always given waaaaayyyyy too many cares.

Cares about what people … Read more

How to Be Popular, According to an Eleven-Year-Old

“I’ve been thinking about popularity,” said my eleven-year-old, walking into the kitchen last night.

Oh?” I stopped cleaning dishes and looked at her.

“Basically, there are three things you need to do to be popular: Get good grades. Be kind. And smell nice.”

As I often do, I paused for a moment, then … Read more

Simplify Your Life with These 5 Strategies

Inside: 5 tips you can implement immediately to simplify your life + a free checklist template and worksheet to get you started.

Quick wins you can tackle now to simplify your life

I felt frazzled as I frantically dug through my closet, looking for my cute black heels.

Where were they? Had I tossed them? … Read more

How to Help Others in a Big Way: Simple Acts of Kindness

Earlier this week, I spent the two-hour drive back home from Norman to Tulsa thinking about the upcoming year and how I could do more. Particularly, with simple acts of kindness and helping others.

You see, this past Christmas, I felt particularly grateful.

Grateful for my family. For our health. For all of the good … Read more

How to Have Fun

Have You Forgotten How to Have Fun?

Inside: Tips on how to have fun again. In case you’ve forgotten.

Fun. Do You Have It?

I recently started meditating again. (Because that’s what the therapist said to do.)

No rushing to my computer first thing in the morning. No checking emails. Or scrolling through my phone. Instead, the first thing I do is … Read more