How To Prepare Your Family for Flu Season
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How To Prepare Your Family for Flu Season

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With flu season right around the corner, you must start preparing your family so that they remain healthy and avoid getting sick during these next few months.

As the dreaded winter months loom over us, so does an entirely different kind of season. Preparing your family for flu season is important for maintaining their overall health when the influenza virus is running rampant. Avoiding this virus is feasible, but you must practice healthy habits to remain safe during this time of the year. Take a look at our suggestions below to get a head start on your preparations.

Receive a Flu Vaccine

The number one way to prevent your family from catching the flu is to have everyone receive their annual influenza vaccine. It’s crucial to understand the best time for children and adults to get their flu shot to avoid the height of flu season in the colder months. It’s important to note that while the vaccine can help fight off and prevent the flu, it doesn’t guarantee you won’t get sick. However, you’re less likely to contract the virus.

Stock Up on Supplies

The medicine in your cabinet will have an expiration date, so at the start of each season, go through your bathroom and throw away any products that have expired. This will include fever reducers, cough syrups, decongestants, antihistamines, and pain relievers. Furthermore, stocking up on other supplies, like humidifiers, thermometers, tissues, and heat and ice packs, is great in case any family member becomes ill.

Disinfect High Traffic Areas of the Home

If you have children, they’re most likely bringing germs and bacteria from the classroom into your home. Ensure you’re disinfecting the high-traffic areas in your home to prevent any lingering bacteria from infecting a member of your family. High-traffic areas within the house could be door knobs, toilet bowls, handles on appliances, light switches, trash can lids, etc.

Encourage Proper Handwashing

Another significant way you can help your family prepare for flu season is to encourage proper hand washing. The correct handwashing technique includes scrubbing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds—you can make it easier for your kids by telling them to sing the birthday song twice. If soap and water are unavailable, stock up on alcohol-based hand sanitizer and place a bottle in your purse, children’s backpacks, cars, etc., for emergency use.

Use the above advice to prevent your family from getting sick this flu season. Keep up with your healthy habits, such as exercising daily, getting eight hours of sleep, and eating healthily to avoid contracting the influenza virus. Start preparing your family for this time of year now so that you can all remain healthy.

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