cold weather essentials for back-to-school

Cold-Weather Essentials for Going Back to School

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Looking for the perfect cold-weather essentials to incorporate into your daughter’s back-to-school wardrobe? We find the best clothes for the fall and winter.

School is back in session for your daughter. As fall’s chill embraces us, you’ll want to start thinking about some cold-weather essentials for going back to school to ensure she has everything she needs to stay comfortable and fashionable.

Fashion 101

While your daughter’s sense of style may vary from your own, it’s important to keep some fashion basics in mind. Consider dressing her according to her body type, so she feels confident. Depending on her age, this may change throughout the years as she grows into a young woman. Dressing with one’s body type in mind will make anyone feel beautiful.

Sweaters and Layering Tees

When thinking of cold weather, you can’t go wrong with sweaters and layering tees. Sweaters work exceptionally well on those extra-cold days. Layering tees provide a solid base. Your daughter can wear them on days when it’s not quite chilly enough for sweater weather. 

Leggings and Jeans

Leggings and jeans are essential pieces in every winter wardrobe. Consider fleece leggings for those frigid days. Non-fleece types work well when layering up, especially with a warmer clothing piece like a sweater.

Jeans work well throughout the year and with just about everything. These pants are a good option for those crisp autumn days. If comfort is a concern, you can always go the jegging route for your daughter; these pieces marry leggings and jeans into one comfy, stylish option in her wardrobe.

Cold-Weather Coat

Cold-weather coats are important to have on hand, especially if your daughter walks to school. Stick with casual options that provide plenty of warmth for public school. You may want to invest in a slightly more formal winter overcoat for a private school with uniforms. Water-resistant or waterproof jackets work great in snowy climates.

Pro-Tip: Accessorize 

Don’t forget the hat and gloves on those freezing-cold days! These options will keep your daughter toasty and stylish.

Boots and Socks

Boots and socks are great cold-weather essentials for going back to school. Boots that aren’t lined work better for the fall. When winter approaches, consider looking into snow boots that provide your daughter with plenty of warmth in inclement weather. Try pairing either of these choices with wool socks for maximum protection against the cold.

Back-to-school shopping for your daughter may seem overwhelming, but shopping with the upcoming seasons in mind helps eliminate any guesswork. Make sure you’re both bundled up for the upcoming cold weather, and have fun shopping together!

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