Surprising Things You Didn’t Know Were HSA-Eligible

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Surprising Things You Didn’t Know Were HSA-Eligible

Besides paying for insurance, spending money on medical goods and services is the biggest drag. Many people with health insurance through their job have a health savings account (HAS). With this benefit, you can take advantage of the surprising things you didn’t know were HSA-eligible to keep more money in your wallet.


Anytime you go on a tropical getaway, you will quickly realize that sunscreen is your number one ally. But when you return to your home base, you might keep that sunscreen in your baggage until your next vacation.

If this trip is a full family affair requiring different sun protection factors (SPF) for each person, the cost of it can add up. Fortunately, you can use HSA funds to purchase anything that is an SPF 15 or higher. This ensures everyone gets the protection they need to lower the risks of sun-damaged skin and cancer.

Medically Related Travel

Going through a medical ordeal is stress-inducing enough, and when you account for any additional costs you’ll incur while traveling, it can make your head spin. Thankfully, your HSA funds can provide some assistance.

You can cover your lodging fees up to 50 dollars per person with an HSA account. That means you can save 100 dollars if you’re caring for your partner or sick child. This perk is available only if traveling to a facility or seeing a specific doctor is unavoidable. It doesn’t cover every travel-related expense, so don’t say you used it as a “mental retreat.”

Besides your hotel room, there are other incidences where you can lean on your HSA account to cover costs, including car rentals, flights, and ambulance services.

Home Improvement Projects

Interior designers and home builders can’t foresee that their homes must accommodate someone with mobility challenges. Thus, the current residents are in store for a massive remodeling project if the changes are necessary. The good news is any home improvement project that has a medical purpose is fair game with your HSA funds.

Changes like installing an entrance ramp, adding handrails, and widening hallways can cost a pretty penny, and there’s no need to spend out-of-pocket money when you have HSA money available.

Massage Therapy

There are several myths about massage therapy, one of which is that they are only for relaxation. In actuality, massage therapy can do wonders for your body if you’re suffering from chronic pain. If a doctor deems massage therapy essential to improving your well-being, most HSA plans allow you to use your funds to cover the costs.

OTC and Menstrual Products

As fortune suggests, you can use HSA funds to purchase several over-the-counter and women’s health products. Things like pads, tampons, liners, and birth control qualify for HSA spending.

Next time you purchase something from a drug store, your receipt should indicate any other surprising things you didn’t know were HSA-eligible, which helps you allocate your money and plan accordingly.

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