Unique ideas for canvas art

Unique Ideas for Canvas Art

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Are you looking for new ways to bond with your daughter? Have you ever considered canvas art? Here are some of the most unique ideas for canvas art!

Art is a great way to bond with your daughter. You don’t need a formal background in art to try canvas art. While this usually means painting, there are other ways for you and your daughter to express yourself with this medium. A blank canvas provides a world of possibilities. We hope you’ll feel inspired by some of the most unique ideas for canvas art.

Canvas and Supply 101

Canvas art is made to last, which makes it very popular for art reproduction on a personal and professional level.

If this is your first time trying canvas art, here I some basic information to help you and your daughter get started:

  • Canvas art is a highly versatile form of expression.
  • You can find canvases at any major craft store.
  • Sizes range from mini to large. 
  • Looking for a deal? Check the craft sections of the dollar store!

Most types of paint work on canvases, though acrylic or craft paints are some of our favorite go-to’s. However, canvas art is not limited to paint as a medium. You can use other materials, such as embroidery floss and fabric, to create original art that you and your daughter love.


Why not try painting each other’s portraits? It’s exciting to see how your daughter will bring you to life on the canvas. Alternatively, self-portraits are another route to take. Either way, they’ll look wonderful beside one another on the wall.

Seasonal Landscape

With fall just around the corner, you and your daughter may want to try your hand at fall foliage. If you’re each doing a painting, you two can make both canvases into one scene. Talk about an incredible piece of collaborative art! Conversely, working on one piece together is just as fun.


Do you and your daughter share a favorite song or quote? Try to cross-stitch the words onto the canvas for all to see. Cross-stitching is a very beginner-friendly medium that’s simple once you get the hang of it. You also can’t beat the cost of embroidery floss.


For an out-of-the-box idea, try gluing fabric onto the canvas. This technique allows you to spice up your home décor. If you let your daughter pick out her own fabric, she’ll be able to add a nice personal touch to her bedroom.

Art lends itself to many forms and materials. With some of these most unique ideas for canvas art in your arsenal, there is nothing you and your daughter can’t do.

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