What Does Breathe and Reboot Mean

Breathe and Reboot – What Does It Mean?

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Breathe and Reboot defines my life; it’s my process; my mantra.

You see, for years, I struggled. I struggled with balance. Struggled with weight. And with work. Also, parenting. I struggled to keep my house clean, with my child’s homework, with staying on top of the laundry, remembering to pay the bills and what to make for dinner.

Then there were the struggles with anger, anxiety, confidence. I struggled with feeling worthy.

Don’t get me wrong. I have a great life and I love it. I honestly do. But for me, the daily grind can be overwhelming.

Breathe and Reboot to Seek Balance

Breathe and Reboot started with the idea that I needed more balance; that I needed a way to manage the overwhelm. Career angst. Parenting a beautiful, dynamic, precocious and intense child. Managing a hectic household. Figuring out what I wanted to do with life. Then, a breast cancer diagnosis.

It was too much.

Breathe and Reboot to Cope with Stress

Work stress. Health stress. Money stress. Family stress. Trying so hard to be perfect and feeling like I was failing at every turn. I wanted to write it out. Explore it. Dissect it. Make sense of it. Figure it all out.

As a huge Sex and the City fan, one of Carrie Bradshaw’s quotes has always stuck with me:

“After all, computers crash, people die, relationships fall apart. The best we can do is breathe and reboot.”

It seemed fitting. Things get messy. Life happens. It can be hard. I’m not just talking about the big stuff. I’m talking about the little things. The daily things. If you aren’t careful, they can take you down. I think there are often times that we all have to Breathe and Reboot.

That’s how Breathe and Reboot was born. I wanted to explore all of it. To make sense of things. I wanted to write about life. And breathing. And rebooting.

For a while, I struggled with keeping this name. I was uncertain about it, because I thought that once I attained the balance I was desperately striving for, that “Breathe and Reboot” wouldn’t be a fit anymore.

But I was wrong. It always fits.

Why Does Breathe and Reboot Fit?

First of all, it will always fit, because I am learning that balance is a challenge. It’s difficult to attain. And if we do have a balanced life, we have to work to keep the balance.

Things will always ebb and flow. We will always be juggling and shifting. That’s how life works.

Since last October, I haven’t been working outside the home. So now, I do have more balance. But what I’m learning is that even with more balance, I’m still Breathing and Rebooting. Because it’s not only about balance.

Breathe and Reboot is Much More

It’s stopping to see the beauty in mundane moments.

Taking a breather when you need to.

Stepping up your game.

It’s finding yourself, then losing yourself, then finding yourself again. And again, if necessary.

It’s working through anger.

Through forgiveness.

It’s wellness.

Pausing and reflecting.

Its reconsidering.

It’s laughing at yourself.

It’s changing course in a job or in a relationship.

Or learning to stay calm in a traffic jam.

It’s standing still.

It’s moving forward.

It’s progress.

It’s realizing you were right. Or realizing you were wrong.

It’s self-awareness, self-improvement, acceptance and mindfulness.

It’s healing yourself.

It’s empowerment.

It’s growth.

To Breathe and Reboot can mean recreating yourself or rearranging and organizing your pantry. Managing finances, decluttering, getting out of debt, getting healthy, getting smarter – those are all Breathe and Reboots. It’s dealing with family drama, or improving relationships.

Breathing and Rebooting is figuring out who you are and remembering who you were meant to be. Breathe and Reboot has become so much more to me than finding balance. It’s a daily habit; Breathing and Rebooting.

It’s the process of managing messiness and creating a life you love. It’s a million little daily things and it’s big soul work – all at the same time.

Breathe and Reboot: Live intentionally and love the journey.

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