Why It’s Important for Your Children To Know CPR

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You might think that CPR is something only adults should know; however, that is a troubling myth. Here’s why it’s essential for your children to learn CPR.

It might surprise you that many schools across the country require kids to take cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) courses. The reason for this is that this training equips children of all ages with the proper education, protocol, and know-how for any cardiac emergency. It is undoubtedly essential for your children to learn CPR and first aid; keep reading for more information. 

Absorb It More Quickly

As we can all agree, children are naturally curious and open to learning—they are sponges for knowledge. That is why teaching them CPR and first aid is so beneficial, as they will quickly take to it and care to get it right. Moreover, children tend to be quite interested in how the human body works and might genuinely enjoy a class like this.

What’s more, the interactive element of CPR training will also keep your child absorbed in the content. The best part is that once they have this knowledge, it is with them forever—no one can take it away. 

Assist in Emergencies

The ideal age for a child to learn CPR is around 12, as they are usually strong enough to administer it effectively. However, children as young as 9 can take lessons as well. You might ask why it’s important for a child as young as 9 to know CPR if they can’t even administer it correctly. The reason is that if an emergency occurs, but your child can’t perform CPR, they can still know how to act quickly and can assist others.  

Of course, we never want our children to find themselves in an emergency. However, if they do, we want them to have the proper knowledge of what to do. A child who has first aid training can remain calm, alert the authorities, and follow the appropriate protocols.

Become Better Babysitters

Did you know that most cardiac arrests happen outside of a hospital, right in our homes or in public? What’s more, it can happen to anyone; every minute a victim goes without CPR, their chance of survival decreases by 10 percent. If your child is a babysitter or wishes to become one, a CPR certification is one of the best things they can do to keep the kids happy and healthy. Parents are much more likely to hire a sitter with a CPR certification as they can rest assured their children are safe under their sitters’ care.

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