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How to Find the Best Vision Board Supplies

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If you’re into goal-setting, creating the life you love, or personal growth, a Vision Board might be just the tool you’re looking for.

Here’s why: Visualization is an important part of setting intentions and achieving the goals we want for our lives. When you create a vision board or dream board, you are keeping your goals and intentions front and center.

When you see those reminders every day, it helps you take inspired action towards those specific goals and intentions.

But even if you know you need a vision board, you might be wondering what materials you need to create one. These are some of the best vision board supplies to get started.

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How Do I Create a Vision Board?

If you’ve never created a vision board, this might feel a little silly. But try to get over that feeling and just have fun with it. If anything, consider the exercise of creating a vision board as a fun and funky activity and allow yourself to get outside your comfort zone.

To create a vision board, you simply need to find images, words, and phrases that inspire you and represent your goals and the life you want to create for yourself.

You will attach your images, phrases, and words to something like a poster board, corkboard, magnetic board, etc. You can even collect your images and phrases in a notebook or binder.

It’s really all up to you. The only rule is to use items that inspire you. That’s important.

If you’re brand new to the concept of a vision board (or dream board, goal board, etc.), read this post on How to Create a Vision Board to Reach Your Goals.

If you need some direction on the types of words and phrases that work well for a vision board, check out 30 Inspiring Quotes and Positive Affirmations for Your Vision Board.

Click here to get 30 Days of Positive Affirmations and Journal Pages for Girls.

What Supplies Do I Need for a Vision Board?

Creating a Vision Board doesn’t have to be daunting. It can be super simple or as intricate as you want. If you’re looking for how to quickly create a Vision Board on a Budget, here is a quick video with some tips.

As I mention in the video, you can several vision board supplies on the cheap at Dollar Tree or the Dollar Store. Especially things like poster board, glue sticks, and scissors. I also snagged some brightly colored sticky note pads so I can quickly and easily change out words and phrases when I want to make revisions.

Of course, Target and Walmart are also great options for vision board supplies – and they will have more variety than the Dollar Store. Especially if you’re looking for more options for boards, notebooks, pens, and markers.

But if like me, you enjoy shopping online in your jammies from your sofa, you can find just about all of the vision board supplies you need online. My two favorites for finding vision board supplies are Amazon and Etsy.

You can’t beat Amazon for the price comparisons, vast inventory, and of course Prime shipping. And Etsy is awesome for finding unique, creative, and visually-inspiring vision board elements.

Here are some of my favorites for Vision Board Supplies:

Vision Board Supplies from Etsy

Boards on Etsy

Framed Cork Board – this board is made from high-quality cork and framed in rustic, painted wood. Available in several colors.

Handcut Wooden Sign this wooden sign is available painted or stained.

Dry Erase Laminate Goal Board this board comes with a dry erase marker as well as double-sided adhesives for the wall.

Fabric Pin Board – This board is a corkboard underneath but covered in cute fabric.

Binders, Planners and Notebooks on Etsy

3 Ring Binder: Use a 3 ring binder and create multiple pages with your images, power words, quotes, and goals.

Planner: If you want to incorporate a planner with your vision and goals, try a planner like this where you can incorporate both.

Vision Board Workbook: If you’re more of a journal and workbook type person, outline your goals in this vision board workbook. The workbook includes 32 pages that include: WHY’s, bucket list, dream house worksheet, gratitude list, income, self-reflection, affirmations, career and more!

Vision Board Images & Embellishments on Etsy

50 Full-Page Magazine Cut-Outs – Random assortment of 50 pre-cut magazine pages, images, and photos.

Adorable butterfly die cuts in pastel shades.

Feather Stickers – beautiful art stickers available individually or in a pack.

Vision Board Power Words, Phrases, and Affirmations on Etsy

Affirmation Cards – these motivational and inspirations affirmation cards are ready to print and post to your board.

Power Words – includes power words for money, relationships, adventure, health, and fitness.

Vision Board Supplies from Amazon

Sometimes when I’m on a mission to accomplish something quickly, I have little zero patience. So if I can’t find it at a local store and I don’t have time to search all over town, I just pop on Amazon. Because as a Prime member, I can get most things withing two days.

Here are some great Vision Board supplies you can get quickly from Amazon:

Boards on Amazon

Printed Cork Board – this cork board is printed with modern medallions and features a black frame.

Umbra Bulletboard – this dual-surface design allows for both pushpins and magnets to give you flexibility in how you display your vision board items.

Vision Board Books and Workbooks on Amazon

Vision Board Book – Instead of creating a vision board, you can create a vision book. This book includes prompts and vision pages with space to paste in photos and decorations.

Vision Board Guide – This book is a guide that helps you determine priorities and tap into creativity to create a beautiful vision board and manageable action plan to achieve your goals.

Vision Board Images and Embellishments on Amazon

Washi Tape – Embellish your vision board with cute patterned and colorful washi tape.

Vision Board Power Words, Phrases and Affirmations on Amazon

Inspirational Motivational Stickers – twelve inspiring square shaped sticker designs for wall and surface decorations 

Goal Planning Stickers – this sticker pack includes motivational words, activity reminders and good habit creating actions.

30 Inspirational Quotes and Positive Affirmations for Your Vision Board

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Where to Buy Vision Board Supplies
Where to Buy Vision Board Supplies

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